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Packaging and Repackaging

Most companies take special care in preparing their packaging for the marketplace. However, some products may need repackaging for a wide range of reasons. These reasons can include:

  • End user special processing needs
  • International shipping requirements
  • Incorrect original packaging

General Polymer Services offers repackaging options that serve to protect the valuable products inside, as well as offer the customers a visually appealing option upon receipt of material.

Specialized Packaging

Many types of products require their own specific packaging. These packages can be designed so that the product maintains its shape, consistency, texture, or temperature. The experts at General Polymer Services have many packaging options.

General Polymer Services provides topnotch packaging products for a wide array of clients. We built our success by blending our decades of experience in the polymer industry with careful assessments of each customer’s needs.


Protective Packaging

One of the biggest packaging needs that clients have is that the packaging must protect their products. Some products require protection from physical disruptions, such as bumps, shifts, and vibrations. Others need protection from environmental factors, such as heat, moisture, or dust. The designers at General Polymer Services have developed packaging solutions that offer a range of protective features. From bags to drums, and from super sacks to bulk truckloads, we have the packages that will keep your products safe every step of the way.

Sustainable Packaging

Another way in which the packaging industry has evolved is the increased demand for sustainable packaging. These solutions involve packaging made with the principles of, “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” These packages must also fulfill all the client's needs, while allowing the manufacturer to maintain a healthy profit margin. The sustainable packaging solutions available at General Polymer Services include analyses of the product, the options for sustainable materials, and the materials' capabilities of ensuring the product reaches its destination intact.

Marketable Packaging

Product packaging is a major component of the manufacturer's marketing strategy. In most instances, if the product lacks visual appeal, the customer will pass over it in favor of a competitive product that catches the eye. The size, color, shape, and texture of the package can influence purchasing decisions, regardless of the quality of the product inside. At General Polymer Services, we keep all of these factors in mind when designing new or improved product packages. We develop solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with practical applications for each product and its customers.

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